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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Long and Slow Apples

Long and Slow Apples ( 1/16 for 1/10)

What's not to love about baked apples?  So this was a welcome recipe this week.  I chose the Fuji apples as we love them to eat out of hand--crisp and juicy.
The super thin slices?  No problem, as I have a mandoline.  But buttering all those ramekins and cutting parchment paper circles, yada, yada, yada?  I decided to use one oval baker instead.

While it's true that the dish takes long to bake, and slow as in temperature--4 hours at 200 degrees, it's worth the wait.  We've never tasted more delicious baked apples.  I served it over vanilla ice cream and it was heavenly.  The orange zest baked with the apples makes the dish.  The lovely thin slices of apple are velvety with the melted butter brushed on between the layers of apple and zest and sugar.  Amazingly sophisticated taste from a few simple ingredients.


  1. You must have one of the newer versions of the book - the older version had a plastic wrap instruction involved that was the point of controversy this week :-)
    One big dish sounds much less complex than individual servings.

  2. I liked that you made it in a large zest. Now for me the orange zest was too strong, but I was probably a little heavy-handed with it in the small ramekins. I am glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Sheesh..I must still be asleep...I meant "I like that you make it in a large baker." :)

  4. I like it in the large baker too! I think I would do it that way if I were making it for my family! Funny how that the plastic wrap thing was changed in the newer books. However, I had no problem with the plastic wrap. Glad you enjoyed it!