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Monday, January 28, 2013

Chicken Liver Gateaux with Pickled Onions

Chicken Liver Gateaux with Pickled Onions 1/17/13
I admit I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of this dish.  I remember the good ol’ liver and onions that Mom seemed to cook up a couple of times a month and I liked it less and less every time I ate some!  So I haven’t had any liver (maybe a goose liver pate a couple of times, but to me that’s not the same) for years.
And the thought of pulling veins and fats from the little suckers seemed gross altogether.  But, after reading some surprising good reviews from other Doristas I decided to move forward and take it on.
Cleaning the liver wasn't bad at all. The fresh herbs are always a good thing.  Cream and eggs?  Spells rich.  It was easy to put together and pour into ramekins and then into the water bath in the oven.  I made my pickled onions with red onions.
When the baking was done, the next step was to turn it out on a bed of baby greens. I served a baked sweet potato with it (so colorful!).  And then husband and I sat down with fork in hand, eyeing the pate with interest and yet some trepidation.  But hunger won out and we took a bite.  ‘Not bad’ was the comment after the first bite.  ‘Not bad at all’ on the second.  ‘Pretty good, but it would be better with a bite of cracker’ was the third.  The addition of crackers was a good choice.  The pickled onions were a definite plus’ it added that zing along with a light dressing on the greens.
I am glad I made this dish, it was surprisingly tasty.

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  1. Glad this wasn't a hit for you.
    I am afraid I couldn't overcome the memory of my childhood chicken and liver onions dinners on this one, but it seemed to be a surprising hit with all the FFwD crew. Nice plating!