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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chicken Basquaise 9/22/12

Delicious!  Everyone loved this, a great dinner for the start of fall!  Again, sorry for the brief post, in the second week of my online course (Intro to Instructional Design) and my son turns 18 on the 30th so I am planning a surprise party.....

Hope you all enjoyed this dish as well!  Happy Autumn!
I did get a new camera with higher pix so I hope my pictures will improve.


  1. Happy 18th to the son. My girl tuned 18 in May and what an occasion that was :-)
    Such brigh colors on your chicken!

  2. Nice job - looks delicious!

  3. Pictures speak a thousand words. I hope your son doesn't read your blog so his party stays a surprise...

  4. We all loved this recipe too!
    Hope the party goes fantastic!!!

  5. happy planning! looks great!