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Friday, March 9, 2012

Saint-Germain-des-pres Onion Biscuits

These were fun to make and reminded me of making biscuits as a young teenager living in the south.  Dorie’s recipe was easy to mix up and when I turned out the dough on my flour covered Silpat mat, I knew what I would use to cut them out.  A glass!  We made southern style biscuits with lard instead of butter in the south.  If you are thinking ‘yuck’, I assure you they were good with the bacony flavor the lard provided.  These, too, were delicious hot from the oven. 

Husband and son enjoyed the onion biscuits and the moussaka I made to go with them (see Cuisine magazine, March issue).  I thought the biscuits were even better the next day as the sweet onion flavor became more pronounced.  A quick and fun recipe.  A real comfort food.  Sure to lift your spirits.


  1. Growing up, my grandmother always made her biscuits with either Crisco or White Cap Lard. We didn't know any better - just that they were good

  2. Forget the biscuits--I want the moussaka!

  3. My mom always used a glass to cut out everything...doughnuts, biscuits, cookies! Your dinner looks wonderful! Have a nice weekend!

  4. My grandmother made hers with Lard or Crisco too - there is something about that little extra bit of grease that adds to the flavor!

  5. We always used lard or crisco too. Now I'm hearing about lard and how it might be better for you than crisco!

  6. The biscuits look good, but the moussaka looks even better (probably because I've been looking at lots of photos of biscuits, not because yours are nothing special). I also like the green baker you're serving the biscuits in.

  7. It all sounds great. I am going to check out the recipe for moussaka, it looks fantastic.
    Growing up, my Mom used lard for many things in both cooking and baking, plus,
    she used bacon drippings for flavors with veggies. I still use bacon drippings when I make
    Kale and it is delicious. Too bad this is all supposed to be bad for you today. Love your

  8. I think lard is unappreciated in our times... there are few things better than a bowl of white rice that has been cooked with just a smidge of the white stuff.

  9. I have no problem with lard. I'll use that next time and cut the dough with a glass!!!