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Friday, March 16, 2012

Cheese Souffle 3/16/12

Cheese Souffle 3/15/2012

Well, it’s in.  Now I hold my breath.  I second guess myself.  Did I beat the egg whites enough, did they have the stiff peaks and shiny gloss?  The gloss was there.  Did I fold them into the béchamel cheese sauce just enough or not enough?

I just peeked after 32 minutes, it looks brown but with some pale surfaces. I had to use my Corningware square(ish) baker as I didn’t have a dish that was completely round and tall enough. Will it rise to the top or is my dish too tall for the amount of batter?

I’ve never made a soufflé.  I just peeked again, two minutes to go and the top is nicely browned.  But puff?  Guess I won’t know until I take it out.  Son announced that it didn’t sound good.

Timer went off.  I removed soufflé from oven and took its picture.  Since I didn’t take a picture before it went in, I am not sure if it rose much. Next I rushed it onto the table.  Husband announced a quick bathroom break (aarrgghh) but son was sitting down on time for once.  He crinkled his nose and said he didn’t think he was gonna like it.  We said grace.  No major deflating happened.

A scoop on each plate.  Son toyed with it a bit with his fork.  I told him to just try it.  He did and said it reminded him of quiche and he doesn’t like quiche.  I remember that he didn’t eat the Dorie quiche last summer (the one with spinach).  Husband said it was good.  After a few bites I said it needed crisp bacon or a ham steak on the side.  Husband said orange juice, too.  So we felt cheated somewhat as this soufflé was the only thing on the table.  But we were soon full!!

So I cleaned up the pans, bowls, and spoons as I went.  Lots of items needed for turning out this dish.  Husband eyed the soufflé and asked if I sprayed it enough with Pam.  Pam?  No, I said, but I did spread a lot of butter.  Not a strange question from the guy who usually has the bulk of clean up duty (hey, equal opportunity kitchen here).  But I assured him it would clean up quick.  I showed him after I clean it (just knew he wasn’t wanting to touch it) out while he took the dog out for the last bathroom break until early am.

So I would make this again for a weekend brunch or breakfast for supper.  It needs some company on the plate though.   I enjoy the cooking assignments.  It takes me out of the familiar and into the unfamiliar.  It continues to expand my cooking horizons.


  1. Nice job, Kathleen! It sounds like you all enjoyed it, except maybe your son!
    Happy Friday!

  2. That's the routine at our house too. I cook he cleans. Your souffle looks yummy.

  3. This is one that definitely needs friends. I don't think we are quite to equal opportunity in our house :-)

  4. Yeah, a souffle needs some company - a salad or a vegetable. I roasted asparagus. I couldn't roast it in the oven because I couldn't open the oven door (for 25 minutes, al least) so I put it in the toaster oven. It was good. I thought your souffle came out just fine. At least your son is having the "experience" of it. In fact, tell him we all are having the "experience" of it. Mary Hirsch

  5. It looks like it rose (and browned) quite well. I agree that a souffle on the middle of a bare plate might look like it's missing something.

  6. Something green makes good company. A salad? Asperagus? I'm sure this tasted great!

  7. Looks good to us! Nice and brown! And bet it was tasty, anyway. We agree with others - a salad was the perfect accompaniment.