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Friday, February 24, 2012

Dorie's Cheese Topped Onion Soup alla Kathleen

Dorie’s Cheese Topped Onion Soup

The biggest requirement to cooking this dish, according to Dorie, is patience in cooking the onions.  Well, I was patient, very patient, as I stood over my porcelain coated cast iron dutch oven, trying to mentally (sometimes verbally) coax the Vidalia onions (my onion of choice in cooking)  to caramelize.  Well, after 90 minutes of hoping and stirring, even brazenly raising the heat to risk a burn, they remained their pale selves so I got them drunk with wine, then flooded them with the chicken broth before pouring them into the sourdough bread bowls.  The shoulders of the bowls took the brunt of the broiler heat with a little of a 3rd degree burn before removing them.

The flavors were delish with the onions in their bath of wine wine and the nuttiness of the Emmanthal (spelling wrong here) cheese.  The bread bowl was fun to rip apart, sopped with the broth of the soup. 

Husband always finds the positive in every dish, said it was good.  Son wouldn’t touch onion soup on any day, and Nephew said it was a B-, due to the paleness of onions and wanted more broth than onions (I admit I didn’t put the required 8 cups, but about 5). I enjoyed the flavors if nothing else.

What I would do differently next time:  I would use a skillet to cook the onions and tease the caramelizing action.  I think my onions just sweated to death in my dutch oven.


  1. I was afraid my onions would never caramelize, but eventually, they did. Not as much as they probably were meant to, but by then I was too hungry to wait longer. I wouldn't mind it taking hours if the recipe indicated it would. Oh well! Glad you liked it anyway. I loved this one.

  2. It's not a easy job to please everyone, I'm just so happy hubby had no complaints about
    this recipe. He loved it. I do not like onion soup but I did want to at least learn how to make
    it. Very simple, but the onions are very time consuming. Your bread bowl looks great.

  3. I love your writing. It's lyrical and sweet.

  4. Onions can be stubborn, can't they?
    Like the idea of the bread bowls - that's a nice touch.

  5. Very fun, love the grading of the meal. The end result looks great. So interesting that everyone had problems with the darn onions.

  6. Love that you used bread bowls...great idea! I haven't made this one yet...hopefully soon! Nice new look!