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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Long Time, No Post

But's that's just me and my life.  I play with my hobbies as time and interest dictate.  The interest is always there, but it seems that there are peaks and valleys.  With my FFwD, I've been in the valley.  It doesn't help that every other Thursday night is Mah Jongg night so that wrecks havoc on the cooking schedule.  Do it Wednesday you say?  Well, that's one of two evenings I'm slated to attend my exercise class (hey, you gotta do what you can when you are 50 + 1!). 

So the cookbook has been staring at me from the bottom shelf of my coffee table, looking unloved as a thin film of dust sits on the cover.  But I've missed it and you all.  So I spent alittle time on the Dorie site seeing what's been cooking (pardon the pun) and I see lots of good stuff.  Like the cheesy onion soup coming up for February 24th.  As timing would have it, the 23rd is Mah Jongg night...

So I've decided that on Mah Jongg nights, I will cook on Friday nights and post on Saturday.  The March choices look great, wow, four are ties!

Here in southern New Jersey we've been without a winter this year, except in name only.  I am not complaining!  We've still a month to go, but I plan on getting out into the garden this weekend for some cleaning up.  I've ordered Espoma for veggies, tomatoes, bulbs, and plants.  Gotta get things ready for growing and eating.

Wishing all a very happy, healthy 2012!



  1. Looking forward to hearing from you! If I didn't use my weekends before, I would never be able to keep up. Life is just kind of crazy sometimes, isn't it?

  2. Glad to see you back! Hope you are able to cook along! I've been trying to cook ahead of time so that I can keep up...sometimes that works and sometimes not! Good luck!