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Friday, May 4, 2012

Almond Flounder Meuniere 5_4_12

Home Alone!  But I am not scared, there are no booby traps to set up, I am actually enjoying being all by myself!  Husband went fishing in Pa., Son is out with the Girlfriend, Nephew is out with friends.  Well, I am not totally free, the Dog is still staring at me, wondering where the rest of the family went.
I couldn't score on the fish--no a piece of flounder to be had at ShopRite at 5:45pm tonight.  Go figure!  So I settled for tilapia.  I am sure it's a good substitute.  With the ground almond and lemon zest coating it will be a fine substitute.  I am not used to this peace and quiet in the house and I am relishing it!  No one to call to the table, nothing to go over for the end of the week, the TV with the digital cable box all mine, I am in heaven!!
I am not sure what time this post will go in and I am still in the relaxing stages of Friday night.
Oh, wait, I heard a car door slam close and Dog is barking.  I will be right back.  There goes the doorbell.  Son just arrived with Girlfriend and says, 'I hope you are cooking, I smell something.'  OMG!  I am not alone after all.  Now I have work to do.  I'll be back with the pictures and comments later.
I served the flounder with red-skin potatoes with Pasta Sprinkle Seasoning by Penzeys and a baby green salad with lemon and olive oil.  Sorry that the white plate makes the potatoes look pale!  Son had steak (I had to cook that too!) and the flounder while Girlfriend said she could only eat the fish she saw fresh caught.  Some folks are like that.  At least she ate the steak, potatoes, and greens.  She's sweet.  They are excited about the Prom in 2 weeks!  Husband and I are nervous about the 'Shore Weekend Right of Passage' after the Prom.  How does  'Teenager Grow into Fiercely Independent Think They Are Adult' happen in a month?  Husband and I won't start to relax until the Fall semester starts at College.  Son will be attending the Community College that I work at, while Girlfriend goes to Florida.  I see Drama in our future!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this wonderful fish dish.  I did, and Son did, too!


  1. Oh, I hear you :-) My eldest is a senior and there are all sorts of "ideas" floating around about what should be. Sigh.
    Your fish looks lovely.

  2. Glad you and Son enjoyed the fish dish and that you were not home alone!:) Yours look great with the mouthwatering sides. Same drama boy will be going to Uk to finish his degree come June and the GF will be around till next the boy is moody...mine would be a drama soon :p Have a nice weekend !

  3. The fish and potatoes look delicious!

  4. Looks like a great plate, and it's nice you had company to eat it with, even though you were relishing being home alone. I think tilapia is a fine substitute for flounder. I loved the nutty topping.

  5. What a cute post, Kathleen. I find myself home alone often these days and while I relish some of those moments, it is sure nice when my husband comes home or the kids come over. Your talapia dinner looks delicious and is a great substitute for the flounder.